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Oracle Apps Question [Installation Part - 2]

As salamo alaikum wa rahmatullah,
Ramdan kareem - 1434 hzr.

What is Load balancing?
ans)Laod balancing distributes process for Oracle Applications across multiple nodes.This distribution of the workload improves the performance and enhances scalability. If the load balancing then even if the component is down,the application system continues to work. For example, if Apache load balancing is enabled across two nodes then in case one of the node is down, all the incoming connections will automatically be rediricted to the other node.

In which servers load balancing can be enabled?
ans) The load balancing can be enabled in the forms server, Web server as well as the concurrent processing server.

Which products are installed by default along with RapidInstall?
ans) RapidInstall installs all the products automatically regardless of their licensed status. However, you must register products you have licensed so that they are flagged in the system as active.
An active flag marks products for inclusion in patching and other tasks that you will perform to update and maintain your system after the initial installation.

How can i tell what is installed and licensed after finishing an install?
ans) The script AD_TOP/sql/adutconf.sql against the APPS user schemma will generate a detailed file (adutconf.lst) with information about the database configuration and what products are installed and licensed after the rapid installation process completes.

I have already done the installation but forgot to license a product I want to use Can I license it after the installation?
ans) Yes, licensing can be done after the installation. You can do in two ways.
1. Go to AD_TOP and run the script This will prompt for the additional products to be licensed.
2. From Oracle Applications Manager go to OAM>License>Manager>License additional products.

I have already done the installation.Now i want to add an additional language. Is it possible?
ans) Yes,It's possible to add a separate language after the installation. For this, you need to make the language as active from Oracle Application Manager and need to download and install the NLS software.

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