Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Invoice Reports

As salamo alaikum wa rahmatullah

Invoice Reports (Oracle Payables Implementation)

Invoice Aging Report

>Use this report to view your unpaid invoices
>The report provides information about invoice payments due within four time periods you specify in the Aging Periods windows.

Invoice Audit Listing

>Use the Invoice Audit Listing  to audit invoices for duplicates. You should audit invoices periodically to ensure control of invoice payments. You can sort this listing in six differenct ways.

$$ For example, you may want to only audit over $1000. you can specify a minimum invoice amount and sort invoices by amount the supplier name and date.

>You can also use this report to obtain a listing of your invoices type. For example, you can submit the report to obtain a listing of just your expenses report invoices of your payments.

Invoice types - PO matched invoice, Quick Invoice, Manaul invoice or imported invoice from external sources.
>It helps 

Invoice History Report

>The Invoice History Report provides information to support the balance due on an invoice.
>It helps you quickly indentify and review a detailed list of all payment activities pertaining to a specific invoice sucan gains , losses and discounts.

>All amounts on the report are shown in the payment currency.

Invoice on Hold Report

> Use the Invoice on Hold Report to identify invoices on hold.
>The report provides you the total number and amount (in your ledger currency) of invoices on hold which can be helpful for your accounts payable metrics.
>Run the Invoice Validation process before submitting this report to obtain the most up-to-date hold information.

Invoice Register

>Use the Invoice Register to review detailed information about invoices.
>Payable ordrs the report by invoice currency and, if you use batch control, by the invoice batch name. Within the currency and batch name, the report orders by the supplier name and invoice number.

Payments Status Report

>Use the Payments Status Report to review the unapplied prepayment and unpaid or partially paid invoices for a supplier. you can compare the invoices and prepayments for a supplier to determine if there are outstanding repayments wich you can apply against unpaid invoices.
>You can submit the report for either Temporary Payment prepayments, or a combination of a specific prepayment type with credit/debit memos and nvoices. You can view the distribution detail for validated and paid prepayment invoices. Payables displays the prepayment item distributions that have an amount remaining greater than zero.

Recurring Invoices Report

>Use this report to review recurring invoice templates you define during a specific time period.You can review this report to determine the amount you have authorized for a recurring invoice template, how much you have released, and the next amount you have scheduled.
>The report also lists the number of periods remaining for a recurring invoice and teh next period you have scheduled.
>The report list recurring invoice templates by supplier and site.

Ma Asalaam
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